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Silent Night

As the days grow darker and the solstice nears there is so much waiting.

Waiting for news, waiting for the chance to see family, and children waiting for Christmas.

The season of cheer and merriment has shifted to a quieter reflection. Tucked in away from the storm I am grateful for the warmth, for the peace, and also for the stillness.

A favorite tradition in our little town is putting the white candle lights in the windows. In this holiday season of curfews and greeting friends outside in the cold, if at all, the old tradition of the candle in the window as a welcome home is poignant and especially endearing this year.

I dearly miss my friends. I’m heartbroken to give up time with my father, and falling asleep in my childhood bed, with my children camped out in forts with their cousins downstairs. But still, I am grateful for these days that I have here on earth. Maybe not with all of the people that I love, but with the three closest ones.

May peace and love be with us all.

Photo Credit: CANDLE IN THE WINDOW - FENNO HOUSE c 1725 - Old Sturbridge Village. Ray Boas

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